Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Warren Haynes - Live At 23 East Cabaret (1993)

I always found Gov't Mule fans tend to be sensitive about the best Warren Haynes output. Well, I love the early Warren Haynes solo period best! So, there you have it. Alas, "Tales Of Ordinary Madness" is the only electric Warren Haynes album so far. And I love that album to death. Besides that one, there are the great demos, "Some Ordinary Madness", which are a very welcome addition. But other than that, all that is left are some splendid bootlegs of live shows. This one, "Live At 23 East Cabaret", is among my favorites. So, I'd like to share it with you.
I always thought early Warren Haynes, sometimes billed as the Warren Haynes Band, added a lot more flash to the music. And that don't bother me, cause the songs are strong on their own anyway. Much less sober, especially compared to the first albums, than Gov't Mule.
This live recordings could do with a little more bass in the mix, but it's very much worth your while. It's also a lot funkier than Mule. And you know that's what I love in Southern Rock. Besides tracks of his debut album, Warren also plays "Just Before The Bullets Fly", which first appeared on Gregg Allman's CD of the same name, and which he co-wrote, and "Loaded Dice", which first appeared on the "Seven Turns" album by The Allman Brothers Band. Fire in the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Try Warren's new album, Man in Motion.

rintesh said...

Thanks. I recently got obsessed with Warren Haynes acoustic solo performances. Quite blown away with his Jam Cruise VI shows on Jan 4 & 5, 2008 where he was supported by a few friends like Karl Denson, Rob Barracco, Steve Kimock, Grace Potter, etc. Try to get that!