Tuesday, July 08, 2008

George Hatcher Band - Have Band Will Travel (1977)

Yep, it's George Hatcher. Again... Yeah!
This is the 10" EP Have Band Will Travel. It's a live effort which features 4 tracks. It's also very much sought after. And thanks to Mawos we now at last get a chance to listen to it. It wasn't Mawos' rip, but he sent it to me. It suffered from a nasty ground hum. I did my best to fix it as best as I could, but there are still places where it's audible. If I tried to fix that, it would mess up the recording. It's not as bad as I make it sound, though. But if at anytime a better source becomes available, I would surely check that out too.
Back to the music: it's good ol' Southern Boogie. And you just gotta love George's voice. And band. So, get it!


Luc said...

George Hatcher interview at www.sweethomemusic.fr/Interviews/HatcherUS.php

be said...

I have this one on vinyl...will rip it for you when i have time.
You have a wonderful blog btw; really a goldmine :-)

Skydogg said...

Hi be,
Please, contact me through e-mail. I would like this as a raw rip, no editing done. Thanks.