Sunday, September 14, 2008

George Hatcher Band - Talkin' Turkey (1977)

'Talkin' Turkey' is the second album by the George Hatcher Band. George Hatcher from Charlotte, North Carolina, made some of the finest Southern Rock albums I know of. Alas there were only 4 and a half. I (myself), like many others searching Google, have wondered often whatever became of the man. George Hatcher, where art thou?
Anyway, back to this album. It's yet another rock solid album. There's something about George's singing that soothes the soul. And he's got some. I'm in love with that voice. And the tunes are splendid too. Not too heavy but enough guitar antics going on to classify this as classy classic Southern Rock. Check out 'Forty Ford' and, well, check it all out. This is not my rip, though I did fiddle with it slightly. So, thanks to the original ripper, whoever you are. Talkin' turkey!


Luc said...

Very good disc as all the George Hatcher LPs.
I'm in touch with him to realize soon an interview for French magazine Bands of Dixie.

Luc said...

George Hatcher interview at