Monday, May 04, 2009

D. Beaver & Combinations - Combinations (1973)

A bit of an oddity, this time. D. Beaver & Combinations was a band (not a D. Beaver solo project) which had emerged from Progressive Rock outfit Edgewood. The band was from Memphis and feature a very young Jimi Jamison (later of Target, Cobra and Survivor) on vocals (not on all tracks, though). Hence the inclusion of this album on my blog: they're from Memphis and feature Jimi Jamison. Though musically this is a whole other ball game.
I have known about this album for ages and was curious because of Jimi's contribution. Thanks to Mr. Tyrone Tieclip (he found it on a blog somewhere, years ago) I now get the chance.
There was some editing to be done on this LP rip. I don't know who ripped it (thank you anyway!), but the songs were badly cut. The music is Progressive Rock, so there were several songs which were supposed to be joined, but which were cut in the wrong places and had gaps in between. I fixed that. It now plays as a gapless album on my iPod.
The music I like a lot. I love Progressive Rock, but I'm not an expert on the subject. So I can't tell you who it resembles. As far as Jimi's vocals go, they're slightly buried in the mix. It's ok, but it's not Target. Still, it's fun to hear him on this record, sounding as young as he does. I would love to have a remastered CD version of this. As for now...


Maelsturmer said...

I'm sure this will please some Todd Rundgren fans as well as anyone who digs kick-ass guitar playing and good songwriting. "I'm Gonna Show You" is a prog-pop masterpiece, channeling Yes and Zappa in one tune. Fascinating. Good headphone record!
I never TMI was Croppers label. Neat.
Thanks for getting this out.

Anonymous said...

Mawos said: Here is the link for Edgewood "Ship of Labor"

Best wishes Mac !