Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dan Penn - Nobody's Fool (1973)

This is the legendary debut album by Dan Penn. And quite a little treasure trove it is too. Most people will know Dan Penn songs, without knowing Dan Penn. He's written some of the greatest Soul tracks for people like Aretha Franklin, Solomon Burke and James Carr. But he is a wonderful performer in his own right just as well. The music is pretty much in between Soul and Singer Songwriter, accompanied by some cats from Muscle Shoals and, as always, by his friend, keyboard player and co-writer Spooner Oldham.
If you dig Southern Soul and people like Townes and Guy, then this should be very pleasing to the ears. And very much recommended to all Amazing Rhythm Aces fans! He also has a fine sense of humor, as can be heard in the excellent "Tearjoint", a great spoof on Country tearjerkers.
This album was hard to get from the time it was first released and has since been discontinued by the manufacturer. Which is a pity, for sure. Classic album.


matt s. said...

Thanks for this post! I did not even know Dan Penn had a solo album! This is great to have

Skydogg said...

Dan has made a couple of solo albums. All very much worth investigating! ;-)

adlick said...

Lovin' this! Do you know if anyone's done an LP re-issue of this?