Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Russell Smith - This Little Town (1989)

I find myself short on time these days, with hardly any of it left to run this here little blog. So, I'll get you a quickie. Also discontinued by the manufacturer, it's Russell Smith's third solo album. "This Little Town" was released in 1989. A time when music was not healthy. This album sounds very 80's and looks to be aimed at Nashville at that time, when Country hardly had any Country left in it. But Russell Smith is still one hell of a singer and a great tunesmith. So, I hope I didn't scare you too much, cause this is still a very fine album. Nothing too adventurous, comfortably slick but again with superior songwriting. And your mother-in-law will like it too. Russel at his Sunday Best.


joetomrud said...

Thanks for this - impossible to find now. One of the last vinyl albums I ever bought, as an expensive import in HMV in London, as I figured it would never be available on CD (!)

Thanks also for Joe Sun's Honky Tonk Time, one of my requests. I had lost your blog name, so haven't checked back for some time.

A gentle reminder about Russell Smith's second album "The Boy Next Door" and Joe Sun's "Out Of Your Mind", my other requests. I wish there was some way I could reciprocate, but I must remain a consumer only for now.

The best,

Joe in Dublin.

Craige said...

There is another version of this featuring 5 other tracks - until the label began messing with it.
the original album is more "Russell" and less "Nashville". Changed tracks : 3 Piece Suit, You Cant Have A Good Time Without ME, My Ride, Betty Jean, Not Made Of Stone