Tuesday, May 19, 2009

C.P.R. feat. Zakk Wylde - I Wish

I remember being blown away by this cover of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" by Coven/Pitrelli/Reilly featuring Zakk Wylde. Zakk's perfomance turned this Funk classic into a Southern Rock classic. Just the way I like it. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do. The album this is on, is no longer in print. Not a Southern Rock album either. But this track rocks! And you can get that one here..


Jenaclap said...

Yeah! I like it! The tune of his voice remember me better Gregg Allman, but I think the sound of his guitar player partner is more Southern Rock classic. And what a nice end of the song!


Tommy C said...

I went thru your archives and came across Travis Wammack - Follow That Guitar and I wanted to thank you for it. I already had the other two and they're favorites of mine so it was a great surprise to find some more Travis. Also, I came across one on another blog that you may like if you haven't already heard it - Blac Dog - Backwoods Boogie. It's on the blog Rare MP3 Music. Anyway, thanks again for your great blog - keep up the good work.

Skydogg said...

Hi Tommy,
Could you give a link? I searched Rare Mp3 Music but did not find any Travis. I searched other blogspots as well, but no Black Dog or Backwoods Boogie.

Tommy C said...

Skydogg - here's the link for the blog that has the record Backwoods Boogie by the group Blac Dog. It came out in 1978 & apparently issued on CD in 2001. Under their name it says "Louisiana's answer to punk rock". I liked it & that that you might also given the type stuff on your blog. http://www.raremp3.co.uk/ Rare MP3 Music doesn't have any Travis Wammack.