Sunday, April 05, 2009

Toy Caldwell - Toy Caldwell (1992)

The late, great Toy Caldwell made one solo album in his life (though posthumously a live CD was released in 1998). Of course we all know and love him from his work with The Marshall Tucker Band, where his characteristic guitar style was center point of attention. You could always tell Toy's playing.
This album was later re-released as "Son Of The South" on Charlie Daniels' Blue Hat Records. The difference was that it featured a bonus track, a live version of "Can't You See". Also it had a really ugly cover. Both are now out of print. This version, the one that I have, is the original. So without the bonus. Sorry for that. Still, it doesn't matter much to me. This album was really fine as it was. Great classic Southern Rock, with guest appearances by Gregg Allman ("Midnight Promises"), Willie Nelson ("Night Life") and Charlie Daniels. Toy has passed away, but the music lives on. Remember this ol' cowboy.


RR said...

Lovely write for a fabulous picker!


Jenaclap said...

Hi, Skydogg: here you are "Son of The South" with "Cant' You See" bonus track. Enjoy it!


Craige said...

This is a truly great album - who can tell what else this massively talented man would have done.
He DID have another (unreleased) solo album in 1984.
These are the tracks: Cry Cry Cry, Not A Pretty Picture, Rose In Paradise, Long Road To Nowhere, Life Aint Worth Living, Welcome To The Human Race, Damn Sure Changed MY Mind, Hang Your Head, Trapped In Love, Glass Slipper.
Quite country - lots of harmonica

Abbie Caldwekk said...

He made some tapes ofen, he did not make a solo album in 1984

Abbie Caldwell

Abbie Caldwell said...

Please correct my spelling of my last name Caldwell, not Caldwekk!

Skydogg said...

Dear Abbie, honored to have you visit us. The majority of my readers will acknoledge the massive contribution Toy made to Southern Rock. And as a guitarist he was one of a kind. Thanks!
Harley "Skydogg" McCluth
(sorry, I can't change the spelling, but we all know who you are and how to spell the name right! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Skydogg said...


Anonymous said...

Hey... Great site and know all the time it takes to run it. Any chance for a re-up on the link? I tried it three times and just got a small kb. of nothing, Thanks for all you do. r.r.

Skydogg said...

Sorry man, but link is still active. I tried downloading it myself and it worked just fine. Maybe try another browser?