Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sundown - Sundown (1970)

Be forewarned, this is for Southern Rock scholars only. Well, mostly. If you did any research into Southern Rock you may have read about this album. Sundown was a local Macon band that was in the studio with Paul Hornsby producing. Recording did not go smoothly, since the band broke up a couple of times during the recording. Paul Hornsby brought in some buddies and wound up finishing the record using names like Bill Stewart (Capricorn Rhythm Section), Charlie Hayward (later of The Charlie Daniels Band) and Chuck Leavell on piano (later of The Allman Brothers Band and Sea Level). Paul Hornsby of course also playing organ. And this was 1970.
On Redtelephone66 it was being compared to The Allman Brothers Band, but I think a better comparison would be their precursor: The Hour Glass. It's basically old school 60's rock, and at times a little country twang gives away its origin. All the same, this is how a lot of Southern Rock started out. So it's quite interesting to hear what music was being made in the South at the time Southern Rock was born. So, no lost gem here. It's nice, but that's all.

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