Monday, November 10, 2008

Crimson Tide - Crimson Tide (1978)

Alright, more goodies from Mawos. This time it's Crimson Tide, a band lead by yet another Southern legend: Wayne Perkins. Wayne Perkins is, like Steve Cropper and Pete Carr, one of the great session guitarists of that great melting pot of Southern music. He's been a Muscle Shoals picker and has played with loads of greats. He was also the lead guitarist spicing up the "Black & Blue" album by the Stones.
Crimson Tide was a band Wayne had with his brother Dale. They released two albums, this being the first. Once you get past the slickness, you'll find a really great album, full of splendid picking and singing. It's a little bit of everything on this album, but that's the way I like it best. There's soul, there's rock, some funk and all Southern flavored. Unfortunately the vinyl wasn't perfect, but it's still very listenable and, the most important thing, very enjoyable. Play this on you home stereo, not on you ipod. Harmful algae?


Anonymous said...

Great thanks for your posts of these 2 rare albums by Crimson Tide, seems they were not widely known aside their "Love stop". You haven't heard of Yellow Dog - Gypsy soul? Only available on vinyl I never got to find that song/album.

Rayvee said...

I read about this band in the Rolling Stone Record Guide, where they gave them a poor review. This stuff is really good, of course. Thanks!