Monday, September 29, 2008

The Marshall Tucker Band - The Lost Demos (1968-1971)

There's not a lot of unreleased MTB material circulating, and these demos have been circulating widely. But they are so charming, and they fit right in with this here little ol' blogspot, so here you are.
First off are three songs recorded at Studios-Greenville in South Carolina. Where else? Included is a real early version of the Toy Caldwell classic 'Can't You See'. And just like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band also cut some demos at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Sheffield Alabama. One song we haven't heard before or since is called 'Cookin'', which is a very unlike-MTB instrumental. Nice to hear when they were still searching for that rainbow. Cause they sure found that pot of gold eventually. But not at this stage yet.
Closing this recording are three songs by Jerry Eubanks' former outfit, Southeastern Music Corporation. This is a more r&b influenced band, that plays 'Rainy Night In Georgia' and Santana's 'Evil Ways'. Groovy.
It's really nice to get some background information on MTB's origin. What with The Allman Brothers' and Skynyrd's past being so well documented in box sets, etc, it's about time MTB got a similar treatment. But until then, well, it's a beginning.


Kelly Wingerson said...

Hi Skydog - link to MTB "Lost Demos" is not working. Could you please update? Thanks!!!

Skydogg said...

Link re-upped!