Monday, September 15, 2008

Eric Quicy Tate - Rock 'N' Roll Transfusion (1989)

Eric Quincy Tate's live recording 'Rock 'N' Roll Transfusion' was a documentation of their 20 year reunion concert. As far as I can tell, it was never released on vinyl or CD. Only as a cassette tape on the Chiken Scratch (!) label. I had this sent to me as a gift a couple of years back (on CD), so I did not have the original artwork.
As for the recording, this sounds like a decent soundboard to me. It's Eric Quincy Tate, so you know what to expect. Barroom boogie all the way. Boogie baby..
Edit Sept 20 2008: Big thanks to Luc for providing us with the original cassette tape jacket:

Luc is my hero of the month. Not just because of this contribution. No, better yet, he's gonna tell us all about George Hatcher (and whatever happened after his known carreer) soon in an interview for Bands Of Dixie. And since George is my all-time-favorite lost hero... I'll keep you posted!

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Luc said...

I have a copy of the cassette jacket.
How to send it to you?

(if you want to contact me: