Saturday, November 05, 2016

Sweet Pain interview for Bands Of Dixie (archive, 2014)

As every ten years, it is, this year (2014), the Czech Music Year. If traditional music, jazz or rock aren’t forgotten, first and foremost are celebrated the classical composers. And Southern rock? Apparently nobody thinks about it while the Czech Republic is perhaps the land outside the United States where the Southern rock is the more active. No, the czech rather celebrate Antonín Dvorák, the most famous of the national composers, with his Symphony of the New World ... a work that notably results from the dazzle of Dvorák by the black music in the South. This same music was also fundamental in the birth of the rock through the blues. And it was one of the roots of the specificity of the cultural Southern soil in which the Southern rock owes its special feeling. This feeling, this atmosphere are what mainly attract Sweet Pain in the Southern rock and guide the band to define its own musical way. It’s one thing that emerges from this interview done while the band celebrates his ten years career. The quality of their albums, especially the new one, "I Believe In Your Lovin'", one of the best album of the European Southern rock, ranks Sweet Pain among the most interesting bands of our continent. It was time to get to know better Sweet Pain. Zvonicek Michal, Petr Smutný and Jirka Cástka explain everything.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview with Sweet Pain.

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