Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eddie Stone interview for Bands Of Dixie (published in issue #101, november - december 2014)

Doc Holliday is back!
Doc Holliday is back!
Doc Holliday is back on the road... what a surprise!
Yes, this Doc Holliday is without John Samuelson, Danny “Cadillac” Lastinger and, above all, Bruce Brookshire, and it can raise questions...
But the presence in this new Doc Holliday of Rob Walker, the great Stillwater guitar player and close friend of the band, but also of Michael Gilbert, ex guitar player of Preacher Stone, are great assets for the band...
To talk about this Doc Holliday new start, was it a better than to meet Eddie Stone, the historical keyboard player of the band?
The opportunity to talk also about his solo career and his adventures with Grinderswitch, Wet Willie, the Winters Brothers, etc.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Eddie Stone


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