Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Allman Joys - Early Allman (1966)

Well, this is it. The spark that started the fire, the smouldering ember that would set ablaze Rock & Roll as we knew it and introduce the world to Southern Rock. Arguably? Big words, but there's some truth in them. The Allman Joys were the first recording outfit featuring both Duane and Gregg Allman. Released in 1972, these songs were all recorded way back in 1966. And it's definitely a product of its time. Don't expect a jam oriented, Blues based free-for-all. Instead this album offers a glimpse of what was to be, young boys trying hard to find their identity. All short songs, it has a typical 60's Pop/Rock sound, features quite a few covers and makes for an amusing listen. My favorite songs on this album would have to be 'Changing Of The Guards', written by Gregg, which would finds its way onto The Hour Glass' "Power Of Love" album. Half the album was produced by John Loudermilk, the other half by Buddy Killen. I suppose at the time, they weren't quite ready for the big time, but we all know eventually they sure would. So, dig into some serious Southern Rock history people. This is a new rip, and I'm quite sure how it compares to others (seems there are quite a few around, but I prefer my rip over others I've heard). I just hope you enjoy this little treat. After Allman Joys, Duane and Gregg would have their little adventure in California with The Hour Glass, followed by a recording (as Duane & Gregg Allman, which would also see its release in 1972) with 31st Of February, before forming The Allman Brothers Band. But this is where the story of Southern Rock truly starts. Get yourself a spoonful!

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Tom_Wheeler said...

It would seem to me, since this was little heard, it would be a smoldering ember, while the real spark would be Duane's solo on Wilson picket's version of Hey Jude.

Thanks for the rip (my vinyl is old and scratchy like me and my dog).