Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cobra - First Strike (1983)

Cobra featured one of the finest voices in Southern Rock music. Sure, his contribution may be limited to little known 70's act Target, but Jimi Jamison sure showed off his pipes on those two albums. Of course later on he would become world famous for singing with AOR slickers Survivor and no trace of Southern influence was to be heard since. But in the in-between years he at least put a smile on my face with this release. This probably has more similarities to Joe Lynn Turner-era Rainbow, but try hard and you will discover some Southern sensibilities. The band was founded by Mandy Meyer, and besides Jimi Jamison also had Jack Holder of The Hot Dogs and Black Oak Arkansas playing. So the singing is pretty brilliant, but the songs stick and I've really enjoyed repeated listening. Some typical early 80's AOR/Hard Rock maybe, but the sound is tougher and more down to earth. Oh well, I guess you figured it out by now: I'm just looking for some good excuses to post this classic Southern AOR/Rock album. And here you have it. First strike!


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to hear that Hot Dog album you've added to your wants list too.
Mainly because it features Greg Reding & Jack Holder who went on to play with Black Oak.
2 songs from that Hot Dog LP wound up being re-recorded for Black Oak's 'Race With The Devil' album.
No luck tracking it down so far, but if i find it rest assured i'll be in touch.

PS. Some interesting additional info about Hot Dog/The Hot Dogs here:

Anonymous said...

Is this the Dickey Betts album you are looking for?


1 - Moonlight Magic/3:59
2 - I Don't Think I See Me In Your Eyes Anymore/3:35
3 - Whole Lotta Memories/3:36
4 - Lady Of Night/4:09
5 - Nancy/4:24
6 - Blues River/2:54
7 - Alabama Rose/4:58
8 - I Believe We're Gonna Make It This Time/7:26


Skydogg said...

Thanks Bigfootkit, but that's the originally posted here. Long time ago:
And that's some serious money they want for the Hot Dog album!
Cheers ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's a little something for you Harley, an 'import' (wink wink), Blackberry Smoke album that's almost like having a brand new studio album from them:
BLACKBERRY SMOKE - On The Air (A Collection Of Radio Sessions) (USA-2011-2014)
Enjoy & feel free to repost it on the site if you like.
It's not commercially available so it should be alright to post.

Skydogg said...

Hey Bigfootkit, that's pretty cool. Will definitely post this. On second thought, why don't you post it on here? I'm still looking for a hand here. And if you have the occasional Southern related rock jewel, that sure would help ;-)
PM me if interested.

Peach out

Anonymous said...

That's really cool of you to ask me my friend, but i'm afraid i don't have a whole lot of time on my hands for blogging currently.
If you're still in need come Winter time i should be in a better position to lend a hand with the occasional post here and there.
I'd be glad to assist once time permits.
Let me know if help is still needed once the leaves start to fall.

joanofark06 said...

This album wont download for me.

Skydogg said...

Try again, the link is still good.

Anonymous said...

Cobra remastered with scans