Monday, August 11, 2014

Blackberry Smoke - On The Air (USA-2011-2014)

Blackberry Smoke, the laid-back Country pickers of Southern Rock at their laid-back-best. This is a fine collection of radio-broadcasts of recent years, mostly acoustic and all very good. Thanks to Bigfootkit for bringing this to our attention! Live from the back porch, that's about the idea. Splendid set to play in the background whilst enjoying your BBQ or sippin' a beer. Quite a few well known tracks from Outlaw Country wonderland. Blackberry Smoke, I love it. Good one comin' on ;-)


Rob said...

Fabulous!!! Feel free to post more Smoke!!

SilentWay said...

Be careful of posting these guys. Hear Rock City blog was taken down because of a complaint from their management.

SilentWay said...

Oh yea...can you add us to your blog list? You're on ours.

Cheers, Silentway

Anonymous said...

Hey Skydog,
glad you enjoyed the BBS, you summed up the feel of the collection perfectly i thought.
Here's another one which might interest you, the 1st 2 albums by Starbuck who were from Atlanta.
I don't personally 'get' their appeal TBH, it's all a bit too 'soft-rock' & keyboard heavy for my tastes, but your taste for all things Southern is wider than mine so i thought you migtht dig it.

STARBUCK - Moonlight Feels Right/Rock'n'Roll Rocket (76 & 77)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and i have it on good authority (an HRC insider called 'Smoker') that Hear Rock City blog was NOT taken down because of a complaint from BBS's management.
It was just coincidental timing, and the band/management had decided they had no problem with BBS boots on HRC and had given the okay to exactly that a few days before DMCA complaints got the blog shut down.
Just felt the need to clarify.

Skydogg said...

Thanks a lot Bigfootkit! I will see to the southern soft rock ;-)
And I'm gonna check out BBS October 27. Really looking forward to that!