Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sweet Salvation - Sweet Salvation (1972)

It's funny with this album. I been meaning to make a rip of this album since I started writing this blog, just never got round to it. Cause it's such a nice record with a great mix of Soul, Rock, Gospel and what have you. But completely missing that it had been circulating on the net since 2010. It was even posted on one of my favorite blogs, The Basement Rug, where you can read a lot about this release and its origin. So, I'll just quote this bit: "Led by long-established New Orleans musicians drummer “Big John” John Thomassie, keyboard player Wayne DeVillier and guitarist Don Normand, Sweet Salvation could have been one of the all-time great r&b/funk/rock/gospel bands. Unfortunately due to business mis-steps and bad timing it was not meant to be. Also featuring 2 great women singers, DeEtta Little and Fritz Basket, and Alex Smith on bass, Sweet Salvation covered ground that includes New Orleans second line, blues, r&b, rock and 70€²s funk. They were very much connected to Allen Toussaint and the Meters, but maybe heavier in sound and style, closer to rock."
Apparently, this has also been released on CD. And the rip included here is not the one yet circulating but my own. Oh well, can't get enough of a good thing? Stick with me ;-)


Norm said...

Uploading isn't "being nice." Despite what choice I click, it sends me to the .exe download option, even though that clearly isn't what I asked for. Not your fault!! Great job posting this item and great blog, but I hate I can't DL it.

Norm said...

PS I tried what you suggested on the left but that still took me to .exe.

Skydogg said...

Some information can be found here:
Does that help?

murtry said...

Hey, Skydogg.

I'm having the same issue.
Firefox, uncheck use download accelerator, download for free, and it's giving me the right file name, but with EXE at the end, and a small file size. Love your blog, hope to be able to download again in the future.

Skydogg said...

Sorry about that Murtry. However, I also use AdBlock. I read using that also helps. Please let us know if you try that.

swboy said...

Would love to hear this but Uploading is a bad site. Postings at the Mywot link confirm it. Allowing that site to run an executable on my PC freaks out my antivirus software. I'd suggest Zippyshare. thanks

Skydogg said...

Well, this is how you do it: http://skydogselysium.blogspot.nl/2014/01/downloading-virus-not-really.html
I have some other links like that. But I made it easy for you. New link ;-)

swboy said...
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Skydogg said...