Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Jimmy Hall - Cadillac Tracks (1982)

"Cadillac Tracks" is the second solo album by Jimmy Hall, the voice of Wet Willie. This is 1982 and it shows (audio-wise that is ;)). There's not much left of the Wet Willie sound either. Instead, what you get is a decent Southern tinged Pop Rock album. But, admittedly, a good few well crafted tunes, and musically everything is tip-top. Mostly covers, of which several had also been recorded by other artists around this time. My favorites are the two that had Jimmy's hand in writing; "Cadillac Tracks" and "Make A Miracle". But it's a really nice Pop Rock album. And Jimmy is one of the finest vocalists in Southern Rock. It's your move.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I have wanted to hear this album for years.
I heard the title track on a compilation album of songs about Cadillacs some time ago but have never found the cd the song was on.
Also thanks for the instructions on downloading. I have stayed away from your downloads because of fear of viruses because of Norton warnings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, very rare LP! Jan

Anonymous said...

With or without instructions on downloading, is a real pain in the ***.
However, thanks for sharing!