Saturday, January 25, 2014

Creed - Creed (1978)

Don't be fooled by the name, this is the Southern Rock band from the 70's. Very much on the Hard Rock side of the Southern Rock spectrum, this is a rocking good album. Maybe the vocals aren't spectacular, they do the job. But the songs and the playing is all alright. Besides the mandatory good guitar picking, some really nice and tasteful keyboards/synths. This is late 70's rock at its very 70's. Creed were from Memphis and only released another EP before disbanding (though they do play the occasional reunion show). Steve Ingle would later make his appearance on "Down In The Dirt" by the Delta Rebels and Hal Butler would work with Jimi Jamison (of Survivor and Target). You want fireworks? It's a Firecracker!


Luc said...


I enjoy the LP but the demos that led to the deal with the label are better. Great stuff.

Band name was Southern Creed and they played from '76 to '81.

Skydogg said...

Can't wait to hear those demos! ;)

SilentWay said...

Just found your blog! We've added you to ours. Add us when you get a chance.


Laurent said...

Very good album in my memory, but it is not really a southern rock album in my opinion, even if i have no idea of the origins of the musicians (none information on the original cover art).
Despite that, i have also hunger to listen this famous demos.

Laurent said...

Finally after a re-listen (perhaps more than 25 years later) , my first analyse was wrong, this album is really great, and includes some southerners keys, i'll compare it to the first "Target" LP (A&M 985 048), that honestly i haven't listen since a very long time too.