Monday, December 10, 2012

RIP Bryan Cole

Bryan Cole, former Mose Jones drummer, died a few hours ago at the hospital at the age of 61 years. 

After Mose Jones, Bryan worked as a studio musician, songwriter and producer, especially for Ichiban Records and studios Kala in Atlanta. 

He had to retire at age 50 due to serious health problems. It is these problems that bring back him to the hospital a few days ago for surgery.

I had the opportunity to interview him two times and each time, it was very pleasant moments, thanks to his kindness and his involvement. Bryan was someone really endearing. 

The Mose Jones stuff is present on Skydog's Elysium. Some of the records were kindly sent by Bryan.


Anonymous said...

Can you please reup the Mose Jones stuff

Skydogg said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Xmas Skydogg!
I tried to leave you this info on the shoutbox, but it kept cutting things off.
The Bill Mueller record you were looking for, Bill Mueller & Brat - No Place Like Home (1979)$T2eC16N,!)8E9s4l6blWBQoJSowzE!~~60_57.JPG
was recently sold here:
The page contains two complete mp3s of songs from the LP.
Not what you were after in it's entireity, but better than nothing.
Those songs sound damn good too.