Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gary Jeffries interview

The common thread between Asphalt Ballet, Coup De Ville, the Regulators, Alligator Stew? Gary Jeffries of course! Here is an endearing rocker, an honest and uncompromising artist who doesn't calculate and who gives all to the music he loves... Southern rock!

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview.


Anonymous said...

Where did the Texas album go?

Skydogg said...

Where it always has been:

Anonymous said...

Hi Harley,
if memory serves you requested this from me a while back.

At the time i was unable to help but i just discovered it out there and remembered you were looking for it.

NOTORIOUS - Notorious

This is the complete remastered CD version complete with bonus tracks.


There are a couple of items that should interest you in the latest post over at my blog too.

Best wishes,