Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wayne Berry - Home At Last (1974)

"Home At Last" is a very pleasant and good album by Wayne Berry. Formerly a member of L.A. Country Rock outfit Timber (Two albums. I have "Bring America Home", which I will not post unless there'd be great demand.), this solo album should actually please a lot of readers of this blog. It's not the harder Southern Rock, instead it has lots of similarities to the Southern Country Rock/Southern Singer-Songwriter output. Kinda laid back, but not comatose. Quite a surprise to me, since I so much disliked the Timber album. Wayne has a very nice voice, which he combines with some great tunes. I don't know much about the man's career, other than that at one time he played with Tommy Talton (of Cowboy) and that he did record a second solo album which was never released. This is a new rip, provided by the French Connection. Not the rip I found while working on this. Hm. So, until there's more, enjoy this.


jenaclap said...

What a wonderful and unknown album to me, Skydogg! Certainly it reminds me the sounds of third Cowboy album (1977): the soulfoul and optimist voice of Tommy Talton and, I´m sure, their fine guitar arrengements.

Many thanks one more time.


Anonymous said...

Never thought I'd ever hear this album again! Wow ... ! Berry also was in a group called Volunteers - pretty good record, came out on Arista about the same time as the album by Silver and the one by Fool's Gold - Arista was trying to become more like Asylum and signed several country rock bands - Volunteers is probably the rarest album of them all - remember it had some good tunes on it, but details have slipped about it ... anyone out there ripped it, or know where one can be found?

Ken said...

Thanks for this post! Wayne is a close friend (since the mid 80s), and after getting stiffed online a couple times, I finally received today my own copy of "Home At Last" on vinyl. Best of all -- now that I've got that rar file extracted into my computer library, I can leave the original record in the protective wrap in which it arrived. I've worked up "Ballad of Jonah" to add into my set list when I play... plan to debut it later this Spring in Nashville when I visit Wayne, just to put him into shock!

Skydogg said...

Hi Ken,

Could you tell Wayne about this site? Maybe he would consider sharing the unreleased album as well?

Eat a peach for peace,

Ruminatin' Rod said...

Wayne Berry is my Worship Pastor at Smyrna Assemblies (S.A.) in Smyrna Tennessee. He is alive and well...and walks in the role of a Psalmist and a prolific writer of vertical songs to the Lord and horizontal songs for the people to encourage one another. Also a wonderful Bible teacher. His songs are featured on two live albums at the church. Good Stuff. I also have the album Home At Last.

Jason Odd said...

Jenaclap remidned me of the Volunteers record, very cool.
Thanks for the post, Timber were part of the Troubador - LA country-rock and folk-rock crowd, there were a lot of good bands like Shiloh, Uncle Jim's Music and Timber, who should have had a better run, but what can you do.

thanks for the link, a very good album


1verycoolguy said...

My comment isn't on this album. You have a few Don Bowman albums listed but they were all on Megaupload which isn't anymore. Would you consider posting them agan using Mediafire or Rapidgator. Thanks in advance for your response.

Skydogg said...

All Don Bowman re-upped!

Dean from NJ said...

Hi Skydogg,

Wayne Berry's Home at last is a legendary album with contributions from Jackson Browne, Jesse Ed Davis, Jeff Skunk Baxter and others. Any chance you have a copy source from the Japanese CD release in the early 2000's. The vinyl rip is very good, but would love to hear this in all its sonic glory from a super clean source. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Your blog rocks!

All the Best,

Dean from NJ

Anonymous said...

Please do upload Timber's album. Thanks so much!

progrocketeer said...

i would love to hear Timber- Bring america home

Anonymous said...

Hello friend! Nice surprise for me your post of Home at last by Wayne Berry!I have to say that the very first time I ever listen to songs written by Wayne was in Tom Rush's ''Ladies love outlaws'' album, where Tom covered the fantastic ''Indian woman from Wichita'' and ''Black magic gun''back in 1974! After that I had to look around for Wayne's own work! I still have and regularily play these vinyls! I also have a promo copy of the ''Volunteers''album in which Wayne Berry teams up with George Clinton,Joey(Hoover)Kluchar and Jerry Vilicich, with help from Joe Lala on percussion and Sneaky Pete on pedal steel!(Photos of the band by the great David Gahr)1976. Friendly greetings from Crete-Greece! LEFTERIS.

Anonymous said...

Hello Skydog,

this really is a fantastic album that is on heavy rotation for two weeks or so. You often have blogs advertising this, that, or other obscure album as a lost classic, but they rarely are. This one definitely is. Not a weak song among the bunch and even the sax added to the more soft-rock tunes doesn't bother me at all as it doesn't come off as sleazy as these often do. Really a great batch of tunes.