Thursday, May 26, 2011

George Hatcher Band - In Concert (1977)

Yes! And: Holey Moley! It's the George Hatcher Band live! How's that for a treat?! This was sent to me by Ivan (thanks a million!), taped from BBC Radio and ripped from cassette. Great sound quality, great musicianship and that wonderful smoky voice of George. What else do you need? If you dug anything recorded by George Hatcher at all, you will eat this up. And it will leave you wanting more, no doubt. Which leads me to the subject of more. Cause there has to be. Halfway during the show, the BBC announcer states that the previous song was "Magic Thing". But in fact that was "Cadillac". Also, the last song is the "Talkin' Turkey" title track, but it fades out after 1:49 min. Southern Rock bands don't play songs that short, do they? But I'm really happy, make no mistake.

There's probably a full video out there as well, since I did find some parts of a show on Youtube. As always, if you have more George Hatcher, give it to me and I'll share it with the rest of the world. George is currently back in business, playing and maybe re-releasing all his albums in a box set. Check out his site as well, there are some more recent videos to watch. Enjoy this and: "gobble gobble!"


Anonymous said...

Huge thanks to both Ivan & Skydog for this one.
As GHB had a very strong reputation at the time for being a great live band i'm really looking forward to copping an earful of them in concert.
If the show is from the BBC's "In Concert" programme, the chances are that it was probably recorded at the BBC's own purpose built Paris Theatre in London.
The venue was used as the main source for the long running "In Concert" programme from the early '70's onwards, and as such, had great acoustics and state of the art recording equipment, all tweaked to perfection by the BBC's own in-house engineers.
I own many shows taped from this source and they all sound terrific.
Thang-yew, thang-yew, thang-yew,

Skydogg said...

Anything Southern amongst those tapes of yours?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Skydog,
nothing Southern amongst my BBC "In Concert" collection.
Skynyrd's officially released Cardiff show may have come from an "In Concert" appearance.
I know Blackfoot appeared on the show around the time of "Marauder". If memory serves that show is pretty freely available and contains a similar set to the official "Highway Song" album.
Aside from those shows and this GHB set, (which is terrific, thanks again!), i don't know of any other Southern bands who played on the show, although it seems entirely possible that there may be shows from bigger names like Little Feat, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet etc as there weren't too many Southern bands playing on this side of the pond at the time.

Luc said...

Great! many big thanks.

lochloosa said...

Wow! Great, wish i've been there....

ivan said...

Mmmm........... obviously the bands sets were of normal length , but the 30 min slot was the programmes limit and were edited as such............ and I do have Molly Hatchet, Little Feat , Allman Brothers taped.I'll root throgh the drawers and get back to you !

bluesbro said...

Thanks very much skydog

ivan from warwick said... was broadcast on Radio 1 "In Concert" series , but only on the radio ....( blocks of "Sight & Sound " were on TV in 12 week runs) , but the following week was Rory Gallagher , which was definitely not an S & S prog.... GHB shared the 1 hour show with "Rogue" 30 mins app. per band . Skydog says , a fuller set was played , but is probably unavailable.........unless you can get a job in the BBC archive dept. ! ...there are rumours that the beeb plan to open the archives to the public , but how and what is unknown... In Concert ran each Saturday for 20+ years , so there are a lot of concerts... my fingers are locked together in hope ...

Steve the Healer said...

It was June 18th, 1977, according to
www colander org SLASH inconcert html # 1977
(strip spaces and add dots)

Many thanks, great blog.