Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elvin Bishop - Live From KSAN (1976)

A short one, this one. It's Elvin Bishop live in the studio, hollering and shouting and having a good time. As usual. I hardly have any information on this little live show. It was a KSAN broadcast and probably from 1976. But it could be late 1975 as well, I suppose. I compared it with shows listed on Wolfgang's Vaults that were from KSAN, but this one is not the same. I don't even know for sure that this is the complete show. What I do know is that it's Elvin Bishop at his very best with his finest band and at his finest hour. Mickey Thomas singing and doing so wonderfully. This sure left me wanting more. And those kind of shows are the best kind. Good times!


----- said...

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Chester Proudfoot said...

Wow, I can't believe I hadn't heard this before. From back when KSAN was one of the best west coast radio stations around, and with the BEST version of Travelin' Shoes I have ever heard. Like Elvin says at the end, "anybody that don't like that, there's something wrong with 'em!"

HUGE thanks for everything you're sharing on this site!!

Skydogg said...

You're very welcome, Chester ;-)