Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Atlanta Rhythm Section - WLIR FM Radio (1978)

On March 14 Ronnie Hammond passed away. Sad news for sure. I love the laid-back music of the Atlanta Rhythm Section and that velvety voice of Ronnie's. You know what I mean. So, a post is in order here. Besides the stuff already posted here, everything is available on CD. Thus, I took the liberty of grabbing this show from D & P Bootleg Tunz World (Tons of great bootlegs over there, check it out!). It's a splendid show, recorded in 1978 and aired on WLIR FM Radio. And some footage of Ronnie and ARS for you to watch:

If you dig this, you will dig this. Have yourself a large time...


Lenny said...

Thanks Skydog. The ARS has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard them on the radio in the 70s. I've bought everything they've ever put out on both vinyl and cd. You've been very helpful in adding to that collection. I very rarely comment, but I visit your site nearly every day and I turn as many people as possible on to it. Ya know I love ya, man.

Skydogg said...

You're very welcome & right back at ya!

Luc said...

My radio program tribute to Ronnie Hammond: Dixie Rock #291

Artiste - Album - Titre - Label
POTLIQUOR - Potliquor - Hey Mama - Capitol/O-Music
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - Eufaula - Dreamy Alabama - Platinum
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - A Rock & Roll Alternative - So Into You - Polydor/Gott Discs
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - Underdog - While Time Is Left - Polydor/BGO
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - 3rd Annual Pipe Dream - Angel - Polydor/Gott Discs
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - Champagne Jam - I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight - Polydor
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - Partly Plugged - Alien - Southern Tracks

Kolaboy said...

I hadn't heard until now. A terrible loss, RIP.