Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black Oak Arkansas - Early Times (1969)

Before Black Oak Arkansas there was The Knowbody Else. Same band, different name. The Knowbody Else was signed to Soul label Stax Records and one album was released before they were let go. Apparently more was recorded, though. This album, "Early Times", consists of recordings done for Stax and was only released in 1974. My dating this album 1969 is really a guess, but in the chronology of Black Oak Arkansas that's just about right. Maybe some could be from 1970. As for the music, there's no mistake who's singing and playing. If you dig the Southern Raunch & Roll of Black Oak Arkansas, this might be a bit quiet. But it's a very pleasing bunch of songs all the same. And these cats may not have had the recognition they do deserve. Cause Black Oak Arkansas was already playing up a storm long before Lynyrd Skynyrd came around. So really, it was The Allman Brothers Band and Black Oak Arkansas who started that music we all love so much. And you named it Southern Rock. Older than grandpa!


Luc said...

One of my favorite BOA's records.

Yes, probably recorded between '69 and '71 and maybe worked on again in '74?

Anonymous said...

1969 sounds correct.
I believe this was the album which was supposed to follow "The Knowbody Else" LP, but Stax didn't know what to do with the band and dropped them.
It was only later released by Stax in 1974 to cash in on B.O.A.'s success at the time.
As such, i'm pretty sure the band had no input or influence on the release after the original recording process back in '69.
It's a good little record which provides the missing link between the Knowbody Else era and the future BOA sound, i still play it often.

Geert Ryssen said...

Totally agree! This is a very nice album that probably was recorded as a second Knowbody Else album, shelved and posthumously released on the back of the succes of BOA.It's got the same producers as the Knowbody Else album: Jim Stewart and Ron Capone. Pretty detail: it's got The Memphis Horns on one track. They had already James Mangrum (Jim Dandy), Harvey Jett, Pat Daugherty and Rick Reynolds in the line-up.Geert Ryssen (Belgium fan)

Unknown said...

As i see it its the best boa album they ever made very well produced i dont know the history of it but even i belive it was meant to bee the second album on stax my vinyl record is lost but i got it on cd playing it now and then my favorites is mean woman and no one and the sun ingvar liden