Friday, January 21, 2011

The J.J. Muggler Band - New Ruins (1999)

I learned about The J.J. Muggler Band only a couple of months back. But boy, what have I been missing?! This is easily one of the best Southern Rock bands of later years. Though that may not be quite true. They did release their first album in 1994, but they actually started out in the early 70's. This is their third album and it's no longer available. And it's a scorcher. Classic Southern Rock with a NOLA twist (yes, these cats hail from Louisiana), excellent songs, excellent playing. There's something about this music, like a warm coat in the winter. It just makes you feel right on. They do a terrific version of "Dreams". Or "Dreams I'll Never See". They start off with the Molly Hatchet 4/4 version, then halfway shift to the Allman's 3/4 version and then back to 4/4 again. I thought that was a treat. And the vocals are pretty solid as well. You should check out their last album, "Hard Luck Town", which you can still buy. And that one is even better than this one. Grab this guys! Mojo Comin'!


Luc said...

Unfortunately, bassist Calvin Huber died recently. He was one of the two founders and I doubt that the JJ Muggler Band will survive even if guitarist Jay B Elston says the band will continue.

Interview of Calvin Huber here:

OZARK said...

Thanks for this rare jj Muggler cd!
It sounds very good to me.
But I think that the second cd Hear The Truth is their best work !!

Trey said...

RIP Calvin. You were a great player and a great brother. JB Elston is an awesome slide guitarist and vocalist for The Muggler as well as his own band. These guys have been playing together for 30 years and will always kick ass. There has never been a weak link in either band, although now there's a missing one.

Hebridean Monty said...

Whoops!...d/l'd this,listened to it,dug it,then stuck Miles Davis 'Milestones' in the player and forgot to comment...great band,great music,great blog!