Monday, January 10, 2011

Illusion - Illusion (1985)

Ok, some loud Southern AOR for you. Illusion has two former Mother's Finest members in the band, Gary "Moses Mo" More on guitar and Barry "B.B. Queen" Borden on drums. Barry went on to play with Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws and The Marshall Tucker Band. But let's not get ahead of ourselves too much just yet. This is the mid 80's, when big hair was the big thing, and every song you had to be able to shout along. Very few albums of that period have stood the test of time, most sound dreadfully outdated. Yes, that's me speaking my mind. But there were some memorable albums. And I think this is one of them. Virtue of this album is, it has some actual songs. Sometimes very reminiscent in sound to the Mother's Finest "Iron Age" album. Squeaky but powerful vocals by some guy named Jay, and a true fine Rock duet with former Small Faces front man Steve Marriott on the song "She Weighs A Ton". This is in your face, loud & sleazy Rock & Roll with just a touch of Southern. Though you've got to strain to spot that. Still, I love it lots. This is not the vinyl rip already circulating (I did steal their artwork, however), this one is new and done by yours truly. And I did a hell of a job, if I say so myself. And why not?! Oh well, Won't You?


Anonymous said...

I saw Illusion in support of this album. Fantastic live band! I hope some live recordings of them will surface some day. The guy named "Jay" is Moses' brother. I met them before the show, nice bunch of guys.

Anonymous said...

wasnt there a Mr. Reed in this band? I believe thats how I found out about them. Would love if you could post the back cover as well.

Anonymouse ~~~o

Rob said...

Illusion, was a great live band, they used to Rock out at the Switch in Raleigh, in the mid 80s!

Anonymous said...

Jay Willard
Moses Mo
Ken Kersey
Tom Reed
Chris Kersey
Chuck LaRue (original drums)

My mom was their manager for a long time. Great guys, great band.

Anonymous said...

Was your mom J.E. And are you D.E.?

Anonymous said...

Thanks,i had the vinyl of this made my own poor rip(cheap turntable/needle/stereo),this sounds much nicer:)

Anonymous said...

Jay Willard is Moses Mo's brother

Teresa said...

Yes, my mom was Julia Elfman. I'm Teresa! Jay and Mo are not biological brothers but just as close. I first saw them in the late 70's at a club in Athens, GA. They had paper bags on the tables labeled "sky lab bag" (The thing was falling to earth) Mom and I did their news letter and had a very large mailing list. Most fun I had following them around to different states. Tom passed away a couple of years ago. Great guy.

whosblahblah said...

Cool Blast from Past