Monday, January 24, 2011

Don Bowman - Still Fighting Mental Health (1979) & On The Road Too Long (1981)

Alright folks, this is the last I have to offer of my Don Bowman collection. And you get two for the price of one, at no cost at all. "Still Fighting Mental Health" and "On The Road Too Long" are basically the same album, apart from one song. Or two, depending how you look at it. The first one has the song "East Virginia Blues", which the second omits. It's a fairly serious song, actually 'sung', a nice bit of Outlaw Country. The second, instead, has "On The Road Too Long", a spoof on Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again". The rest of the album (we're talking both now) has some of the funniest songs of Don's recorded output. Quite hilarious is "Dear Fred", about a guy handling affairs for his friend in prison. Who needs enemies with friends like that? I mentioned Willie Nelson, and you can hear him do quite some harmonies hroughout the album.

"Coward At The Alamo" from "Fresh From The Funny Farm" and "Hello D.J" from "The All New Don Bowman" we already knew in the bleeped versions. Well, here they are again, both bleeped and un-bleeped. Go wash that mouth with soap, Don! And one of the highlights is Don, with Willie and Waylon Jennings harmonizing, singing his biggest hit that never was, "Willon And Waylee". That's all folks. If you have more Don Bowman, let me know. List-in to this!


Karl said...

I just came across an album of Don Bowman from 1964 Our man in Trouble with It only Hurts When I laugh. It looks almost new for bieng created in that year and referrence LPM-2831. Is it worth anything?


boppinbob said...

Hi Skydog, Remembering Don Bowman on his birthday (August 26, 1937 – June 5, 2013)and a big thank you for all the active links.Much appreciated. Regards, Bob

Skydogg said...

Hi Bob, thanks and you're welcome! Don sure was a funny man!