Monday, July 26, 2010

Cate Brothers - Play By The Rules (2004)

"Play By The Rules" was the last Cate Brothers studio album. Still playing their sweet blend of Funky Soul and Southern Rock, and every bit as good as the rest of their marvelous repertoire. This features a remake of the song "Yield Not To Temptation", which they previously recorded for my favorite album of theirs, "Cate Bros. Band" from 1977. And a hot version of The Band's song "The Shape I'm In", a band which they accompanied during live shows in the 80's. Alas, this jewel is no longer obtainable. But I hope there's a daring record label out there (Wounded Bird, you listening?!) brave enough to have a go at making this once again available for all you music lovers. Out on a limb!

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Urk said...

Hey man, glad to see your still keeping the Cates in rotation. I have to say that I think this is their weakest album, tho it still has a few gems.

some good news on the Cates front: I just picked up a live 2Cd import set of the The Band playing in Japan in 1983 with the Cate Brothers band-all 4 of them-integrated into the lineup. there's a DVD too. that lineup of The Band lasted from 1983-1985.

also, I sat down with Earl and Ernie Cate and some folks from the U of Arkansas Oral History Project in april, and Earl and Ernie are working on songs for a new record. they still play regionally now and then with the whole original lineup, including bassist Ron Eoff and Drummer Terry Cagle (Levon Helm's nephew)& Sax player David Renko who, after 15 years is still the new guy in the band. I saw them open for Levon on that trip & they still play great!