Friday, July 30, 2010

Black Creek Band - Live From Gainesville (1995)

I had never heard of the Black Creek Band, but thanks to Cagey I now do. And I'm lovin' it! This is the kinda stuff that puts a smile on my face. No mindless Boogie here, nor faceless Hard Rock. This is very much in the vein of The Allman Brothers Band and Warren Haynes (circa his debut). not a bad song in sight. Lotsa geetarz, great improvisation and a guaranteed good time had by all. This is a live album with four bonus tracks in the form of a studio demo which was never released at all. The kind of treasure which makes running a blog like this so much worth spending my time on. I'm sure you will enjoy. So, thank you Cagey. Southride...


Max said...

Absolutely great !!!
I talk about it on my blog ^_^

mawos said...

Oh Dear McCluth !
Thaank you for this Music ! Really forgotten Pearl !

By the way : Ryan Newell joined later to Sister Hazel, and Cameron Williams is the member of Tishamingo.

God bless you and your Blog

Best Wishes !


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot,the album is really fantastic,like best show of 70's.
very thanks

freebird102077 said...

Outstanding! These guys should have made it to the big leagues-too bad they disbanded.
Thanks for adding this