Friday, January 09, 2009

Traveler - Lost In The Late Late Show (1978)

This is a remarkable release. Cause Traveler was not the actual name of this band. They were originally called Denim and had released one album prior to this on the Epic label. But when they signed to ABC records, the powers that be at ABC figured the band should assume a name less Country sounding. So Traveler it became, and the band put out this album on ABC. Three months later ABC folded and the band were stuck with an album and a name nobody knew. And after this release they spent a long time trying to regain what they lost. Eventually they resumed the name Denim and released a couple more albums. And to this day they're still around.
"Lost In The Late Late Show" is really quite a nice album. Typical 70's Rock with a definite Southern signature. Not too heavy, lots of harmony vocals, but not too slick either. Though nothing spectacular, I think this album is surprisingly pleasant. Decent guitars and vocals, and some strong songs. I couldn't tell how this compares to any Denim release, since I don't know any of their albums. Do I recommend it? Why yes, I do. Most charming.

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Jenaclap said...

I think this is a great album too. More than decent guitars, they remember me Pure Prairie League last 70's. I like the second and fourth songs.

Thanks for another discover, Skydogg