Monday, January 05, 2009

Lenny LeBlanc - Lenny LeBlanc (1976)

After having paid his dues as a session musician and background singer, and before he went on to become a mainstay in the Christian music scene, Lenny LeBlanc had a bit of a solo career as a Southern Rock artist. Or maybe that should rather be described as Southern Country Pop? Lenny was never one to rock out. Instead, this leans towards the sound of the Eagles and the likes. Lots of harmony vocals, smooth melodies, but backed by some great musicians (featuring Pete Carr).
It's really, really, really laid back, but your mama won't mind. Get your baby in the mood with some red wine and Lenny LeBlanc, and you just might get lucky.
This album had a re-release in 1977, then entitled "Hound Dog Man". The song "Hound Dog Man" was a minor hit and a tribute to Elvis. Lenny also recorded "Sharing The Night Together" for this album, which was a hit for Dr. Hook in 1978. Soporific...

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