Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Duke Williams & The Extremes - Fantastic Fedora (1974)

"Fantastic Fedora" is the second and last (?) album by Capricorn recordings artists Duke Williams & The Extremes. Like the first album, it's another steamroller. Though this time around the band assumed more of an identity of their own. Less of a Soul cover band, more rocking out this time. And man, they're on fire here.
This is not the rip that's already circulating, though it's pretty close in quality. The other rip had some clicks/scratches that I could not repair, so I redid it myself. I listen to my music with in-ear plugs, so you'll notice any click and pop.
Back to the music, well, what can I say. This is classic stuff. I love the songs, I love the playing, I love the production and I love the vocals. Does anybody have any additional information on Duke Williams? Did they/he really only release two albums? I find that hard to believe, but I couldn't find any information about any follow-ups. I promise, if you don't know this, you won't be disappointed. So just grab it. Quick!


Luc said...

If it could interest you, there is a web page with the Capricorn discography: Capricorn discography

James said...

I know its been a while since this album was posted but here goes - I actually was a roadie for these guys for about a year. Duke Williams and TJ Tindall are from Trenton NJ and its suburbs. The band was made up of several studio musicians who do session work at Sigma Sound Studio in Philadelphia during the Gable, Huff, Bell era. Cotton Kent is still playing jazz piano.

Does anyone have a picture of the back of this album? My name is on it - I programmed the minimoog model d synthesizer heard in some of the songs.

I would love to be able to share it with my kids.


Jim Zubernis

Skydogg said...

Jim, please contact me through e-mail. I should be able to help you out there.

Unknown said...

Jim, you were credited as a member of the road staff. I was attending Glassboro State College in NJ and I was blown away by the performance. I've forgotten the venue, but I thought it was a small club on Walnut Street.

Unknown said...

Jim, Do you remember coming to Shreveport in early 70s. The album had just dropped, and ya'll played here, and then at Jackson, Miss. I was the bartender at the hotel you stayed at in Shreveport, and then went on to date your bass player, Tommy Hough. Debbie Beaver was my name back then, and I traveled some to meet up with Tommy at some gigs you performed. I remember you guys performing with Mountain, among others. Tommy and I remained in touch for a few years...then life intervened as it often does and I lost track. I still have your original album, and the hats, OH MY Goodness, I still have a hat (fedora) that is a prized possession. Hope you are well...and it was nice reading and remembering some highlights in MY younger days as well! Good times!