Friday, October 17, 2008

Law - Breakin' It (1977)

Well, I sure got lucky. In the last week I got offered the second Law album 'Breakin' It' twice. Both mr. Dixie and, while I was standing at the crossroads, by Nozmokinh. I thank you gentlemen both! It is very much appreciated. I took the one and tried my best at cleaning up the sound. The results are very satisfactory when listening on your home stereo. On an mp3-player, however, you can't help but notice a lot of hiss and crackle. Just like the vinyl of the first Law album, which was my own. Guess Law music is just too much of a good thing that makes you want to party hard to, boogie with your baby and drink more than you can stand. And wreck the vinyl in the process... (If anyone out there thinks he can update these to better versions, please, contact me through e-mail)
Cause that's it with Law. It's funk rock you want to enjoy with friends and beer. And while their first album had an undeniable Southern feel to it, on this one it's a long stretch. This is Funk Rock, very 70's! Guess I don't mind a little stretchin'. This is fun music, really well played and extremely enjoyable. Take this. I'm funked!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload of this Skydogg! I had heard about this album and group many years ago but never got the chance to listen to them properly. Absolutely love it, thanks for the share!