Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boatz - Boatz (1979)

I had lots of good reasons for wanting this. First off, it's got Pete Carr picking that guitar. Pete's early recordings include The Hour Glass (on which he played bass), but later on he became a sought after session guitarist, regularly playing for Capricorn Records. This Boatz album is a Capricorn release too. Furthermore, Pete's released a couple of smoking solo albums and made an album with Lenny LeBlanc. All of which I liked lots. So, sounds good so far. Right?
Well... If by now you were expecting a classic Southern Rock album, think again. Classic, yes. Southern Rock, hardly. Very good Southern Pop, sure.
I've read it being compared to REO Speedwagon, and I can very well live with that. So this entry gets in by connection (Pete Carr & Capricorn Records), and it sure satisfied my curiosity (didn't kill me). It's a great little record. The rip was provided to me by Nozmokinh (big thank you!), I did a little manual editing. Take a ride.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Somehow I missed these guys. This is great stuff! Compared to REO Speedwagon? These guys shine brighter than those nasally, monotonous hacks ever did.