Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Law - Law (1975)

When I learned about southern rock, around 1986, the genre had all but died. And it didn't look, at the time, it would ever resurge. As a matter of fact, it was hardly recognized as a genre at all. It was used for bands like Skynyrd and The Allmans, sure. But it was seen as a minor glitch in 70's musical development.
So at the time, when trying to find out about southern rock, I just checked all backs of interesting-looking album covers (with bearded long haired folks pictured) and basically buying anything released on Capricorn Records (eventhough a lot of non-southern rock they issued as well).
Nowadays it's easier, but you might miss a few good bands as well. Cause you gotta bear in mind that these 70's southern bands never set out to make 'southern rock'. That was just a label applied afterwards. And we know about those southern rock bands that actually had some success. But a lot of them just appeared and disappeared without a trace...
Like this band Law. Southern funk rock, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. I guess they were heading for a similar style as Wild Cherry (Play That Funky Music, White Boy!), but Law never had their level of recognition. They released two more albums, which I have not heard but read about. From reading about them I make out that they were even more 'funk'. If anybody can get their hands on a good clean rip (at min. 192 kbps), please give it to me.
Back to this album: it's really cool. Get it. It's funk, it's soul but it's also very much southern rock. Released on the Atlanta based label GRC (General Recording Association), rather hard to find. It has some crackle, which I couldn't get rid of. You'll hear that when played through headphones. However, when played on your stereo all is good. Play it loud and have a drink on me!


Anonymous said...

Good surprise. Thanks for this post.
JF France.

Anonymous said...

I played a benefit with Steve Acker in Sept. Actually, LAW was from Youngstown, OH. Canadian Roy Kenner joined the band a little later.

Anonymous said...

oh god YES! this album is excellent. i found the LP some time ago in my dads crates. the track Southern Wind is my fav.

tunesmith3000 said...

Bobby Parissi, who wrote and sang "Play That Funky Music" with Wild Cherry, was a NE Ohio pal of mine back in the 70's. Wild Cherry used to open shows for LAW now and then, and Bobby himself once told me that "Funky Music" was inspired by the 5-piece version of LAW that recorded "Breakin' It."

Bobby (now "Rob") would deny that now. We co-wrote and co-produced a song song for Ohio State University in 2009 titled "Rockin' in the Buckeye Tree," but then we had a falling out. All I will say about that is that "Play That Funky Music" was as that time Billboard's 74th biggest-selling single of all time...and if you should ever forget it, Rob will remind you real fast.