Saturday, December 17, 2016

Daniel Bud Ford (Roundhouse - Doc Holliday) interview for Bands Of Dixie (English version of the interview published in issue #108, first trimester of 2016)

It was in 1989 with the "Song For The Outlaw" Doc Holliday’s live record that we discovered Daniel Bud Ford. The one we saw as the successor to John Samuelson was also his predecessor. That was before the Doc was the Doc; it was in the early seventies when the band was then called Roundhouse. We asked Daniel, a great storyteller, to tell us about the Macon and Warner Robbins in the sixties and seventies, to tell us about the Roundhouse story, to give us his Doc Holliday memories... Briefly, to speak about his life.

- Roundhouse / Doc Holliday chronology.
- The greatest rock and roll story ever told.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Daniel Bud Ford.

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