Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Target - Live '75 (1975)

Another year gone. These past few years we've seen quite a few of the old Southern Rockers bite the dust. In 2014 what struck me the most, was the tragic loss of brilliant vocalist Jimi Jamison. Though he was probably best well-known for his work with Survivor, most of my readers know about his Southern rockin' past with bands like Target and Cobra. I have never seen demos or soundboards emerge from this period, so I was well pleased to find this, a radio performance of Target, recorded in 1975. That would make these recordings predate their two terrific albums. And it kinda shows in the setlist. Only five songs, of which four are covers by the likes of Bad Company, ZZ Top and Steve Miller. In the text-file it states that this is a pre-FM broadcast, which led me to assume that this should sound very good. But alas, that is not the case. It sounds tinny, much more like a poor audience recording. I don't usually post shows of this poor quality, but I'll make an exception for Jimi. And I'm hoping this will have somebody come up from the couch and start digging for those old tapes with excellent soundboards featuring Jimi Jamison, pre-Survivor period of course. I read somewhere that Cobra demos exist. They really should appear here, rather sooner than later. About the show here, it's well performed and has some nicely done covers. And Jimi is singing like a bird. So, until we can improve on this offer, I say enjoy! Cheer!


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