Sunday, July 03, 2011

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Jay Boy Adams en français
JJ Muggler Band en français
Plug & Play en français
Mose Jones in English
Hogjaw in English
Jeff Prine in English
MelonHeadMan in English


Luc said...

That's fine,
Thanks Skydog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Skydog,
nice to see you back in action.
Thanks for the latest posts, you've brought us some great stuff recently.
I was wondering if you had an album i'm looking for, namely BLUE STEEL : Nothing But Time (1981)?
If so i'd really appreciate a share if possible.
Best wishes,

Luc said...

I own the Blue Steel LPs.

Skydogg said...

Hey Bigfootkit, Luc sent me the Blue Steel wavs. Working on it now. Coming up soon!

bigfootkit said...

Thanks again for the Blue Steel album guys, your efforts are very much appreciated.
By way of a thank-you, here's a little something i found on my travels.
It's a video of Point Blank live in Germany in 2007 on the world famous Rockpalast TV show.
Check out the tracklist:

01 Back In The Alley
02 Moving
03 Nasty Notions
04 Bad Bees
05 Uncle Ned
06 Stars And Scars
07 Nicole
08 Romance Classified
09 Love Star Fool
10 Free Man
11 Mean To Your Queenie
12 Down On The Bottom
13 Waxahachie Traveler

Video format is avi and sound and picture quality is outstanding.
I tried to do an audio rip, but my ole pc wasn't up to the job unfortunately.

I don't know who the original ripper was, but he did a great job, so thanks to him.

Skydogg said...

A belated you'rewelcomeandthankyou to Bigfootkit. I used the link on the Point Blank post.