Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Marshall Tucker Band - Southern Spirit (1990)

20 years ago I got this CD as a Xmas present. And it has been one of my favorite Marshall Tucker albums of all time. Even though this is post Toy Caldwell-era, this ranks among their finest albums. But that's just my humble opinion. And that's what I'm giving you. The Marshall Tucker Band I want to hear. Unlike its rather poor predecessor, on which Doug Gray really overdid it on the vibrato and which had pretty bland songs, here they really made good. Excellent songs, very well played: a true Southern Rock classic. Well, to hear it is to believe it. I suppose. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Cates album link, sorry, there's no difference.
I missed that you'd posted it & thought you were still looking for a copy.

Luc said...

For me too, one of my favorite Marshall Tucker albums of all time.

Jenaclap said...

Thanks for sharing. A big surprise for me because it was not a big fan of The Marshall Tucker Band from the album "Dedicated". Even some later albums Toy Caldwell had made me miss the good times better sound southern. A novelty of this album for me is the increased presence of the Stratocaster guitar sound, a sound that only George MacCorkle actually used in rhythm guitar (a direct memory ...). But the debate over whether the southern rock sound is Gibson or Fender sound may bring bad vibes to this wonderful blog. So I will not be anyone who wants to get started it.

Thanks again,

Kelly Wingerson said...

Link to MTB "Southern Spirit" is not working - could you please update? Thanks much!!

Skydogg said...

New link up