Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hank Williams, Jr. - A Time To Sing (1968)

This album was requested, and here it is. If you dig the Hank Williams, Jr. of the Outlaw Country albums, then look further. This is when he was still doing the solid Country thingy. Nothing spectacular but pretty alright just the same. I reckon this may be a bit too Country for most of this blog's readers. But if you like a little Honky Tonk now and again, this won't disappoint. Oh, and I added some bonus tracks, since this only ran at approx. 23 minutes. A time to sing?


jim said...

Thank you! I've wanted to hear this for a long time. I am a big Hank fan; I, II, or III. Looking forward to listening to it.

jimmark66 said...

A big THANK YOU for this. I once had this on cassette, but it was stolen. I have been looking for it for quite awhile.


Jim W.