Friday, November 12, 2010

Barefoot Jerry - Watchin' TV (1974)

If you know the Charlie Daniels' song "The South's Gonna Do It Again", you may know about Barefoot Jerry. These cats were from Nashville and consisted of some of the finest session pickers. They arose from the ashes of Area Code 615 and transformed into one of the most original acts of the 70's Southern Rock scene. Of course they were just a little too clever and eclectic to get picked up by the masses. But this album, their finest hour (in my opninion), might win over a heart or two. There's really nothing bad about this album. They're Rockin' the Country with plenty of Soul. Check out the video I posted earlier, then get this album and get wise. Hey!. Would I let you down?! Surely not. Hay Queen!


Anonymous said...

This is great music, all Barefoot Jerry albums!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard Barefoot Jerry for years. This will be a real pleasure. Many thanks...........Mescalero