Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Full House - Aces High (1981)

Like Barefoot Jerry, the Amazing Rhythm Aces were a highly underrated band on the 70's Southern Rock scene. By the mass audience that is. Cause any serious music lover who is into Southern Rock, will praise this band to heaven. Another bunch of clever cats, just a bit too clever too hit the big time. They did produce a hit, however, with the song "Third Rate Romance" from their debut album, "Stacked Deck". And that album, like any album they issued since, was/is a masterpiece. It's all kinda laid back with some Country and lots of Rhythm & Blues. Excellent musicians and the coolest subtle vocals by Mr. Russell Smith. This is a live album which collects their finest songs in a splendid live document. You can buy it at Amazon for 500 bucks. So, you might want to check it out first. I know you won't be sorry. Aces High!

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Hey, hey great pages, found some really nice stuff here, thanks a lot, I love to find obscure forgotten record, often much better than the hits!

Stuffy Sweden