Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mother's Finest - Live At Lochem (1981)

The good people at Wounded Bird have gone and done it again. This time they re-released the very first album by Mother's Finest on CD. For the very first time ever. I had been searching for a vinyl copy of that album for over thirty years. And while I did eventually find an mp3 rip of it, that copy is nothing like the real deal. Hell, it gets even better, since they released this as a double CD also including their first album for Epic records. And that ain't all! Also included here is an entire album which was never brought out at all, a follow-up to their debut from 1972. The 1973 never released album is just as wonderful as that debut. That's basically Southern Soul Rock, y'all. And performed marvelously. So go on, buy that!

In the meanwhile, I figured I'd give you some more Mother's Finest. To go. In the form of a wonderful 1981 live show, performed at the Dutch Lochem festival. It's a lot heavier than any 70's outing of the band, but my readers should certainly enjoy this lots. Gone are the keyboards, enter a second guitar, and what we get is some serious Southern Funk Rock. This is a great sounding SBD that should get you riled up alright. Get yourself some piece of the rock!!


Skydogg said...

Ed G. provided some artwork. Front pictures are from later period, though. For those interested, and thank you, Ed.

Anonymous said...

GREAT LIVE RECORDING!!!! It is from my favourite age of the band (IRON AGE!). THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

Celsohare said...

Thanks a lot, Skydogg, for share this. I love Mother's Finest, and sending a hug from São Paulo - Brasil ! Peace !

Anonymous said...

Just to say a big thanks to you,
I have been to this show in Lochem and have always remebered it as one of the most exciting rock shows I have seen, this recording proves it!
Great Stuff!
Love from Holland