Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Stillwater - Demos (80's)

And here we have a curiosity for you fans of Stillwater. Thanks to Craig for this set of demos from, probably, somewhere in the 80's. To tell the truth, I have no information on these recordings whatsoever. They sure sound like they're from the 80's, though. I didn't have song titles either, so I took a wild guess. Bear in mind, this is really for fans only. There's lots of wow and flutter, which will not gain Stillwater any new fans. But these tracks can't be heard elsewhere and it's nice to fill in some gaps of the Stillwater history. 7 songs, nothing quite as spectacular as either of their first albums on the Capricorn label. But still a nice listen. If there's anyone out there who can shed some light on the origins of these recordings, please do. Are you ready!?

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. I grew up with these guys and still live here in Middle Georgia. I've heard them who knows how many times and look forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks at their annual Christmas Reunion Show. I have never heard any of these except "Are you Ready?". Thanks for sharing this.