Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mose Jones - Blackbird (1978)

Mose Jones. Their third album. Half the line-up changed and the music took a left turn. But not for the worse. Though very slick, this is pretty cool. Good musicianship, leaning towards Toto (as in its slickness) and the like, and better songs than Mose Knows. This has as much to do with Southern Rock as funky fusion. But tasty picking, southern alright, and finally getting the chance to get familiar with the Mose Jones legacy.
Apparently they recorded another album for RCA after this one. I'm praying that one will ever come up floating. And I still need the first one, 'Get Right'. Sounds Of The South?


Chris S. said...

Had this one on vinyl, back in the day. For some reason, I always liked the slicker sound of this one to Get Right, which never did much for me. Thanks!

Skydogg said...

I feel the same way myself ;-)