Friday, August 20, 2010

The Outlaws - My Father's Place '86 (1986)

The Outlaws recorded live at My Father's Place in 1986 is a hot show alright. And a lot more interesting than most live shows I have seen circulating. This was the time when Henry Paul was back for the album "Soldiers Of Fortune", so this show has both the classic songs ("There Goes Another love Song", "Green Grass & High Tides", "Knoxville Girl" etc.) as well as the songs you never heard them play live again ("The Outlaw", "Cold Harbor", "One Last Ride" and a version of Henry's song "Feel The Heat"). But here it all works out very well. The band is playing as tight as ever, both Hughie and Henry are in excellent form vocally and the sound of this recording is splendid. And does anyone have any news on the current state of affairs concerning the release of "Once An Outlaw"? I'm not choosing sides for either Henry Paul or Chris Hicks, I think they're both great. And I'm only in it for the music. Henry Paul and company have recently released a CD under The Outlaws name called "Demos", which, I think, is pretty brilliant. You can listen to that while visiting The Outlaws website. As for now: Get this, you need it. You are the show!


Gastón said...

My Father's Place... There are many good shows from that place. And we're lucky many of them were recorded.

Thanks for sharing this, and all the rest of the gems with us. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

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