Thursday, August 05, 2010

Eat A Peach - Turbulence & Thunder (1999)

Eat A Peach was a Southern Rock band Yes, that's right. But don't let that hold you back checking this out. These guys pretty much hit the nail on the head with this, their debut album from 1999. Nothing fancy going on here, it's very much straight ahead Southern Rock for ya. But any Southern Rock fan should definitely give it a go. It's a bit on the heavy Blues Rock side of Southern. Plenty guitar, some tasty Hammond organ, gravelly vocals, some twin leads. Basically, it's got all you might look for in Southern Rock. It reminded me at times of Molly Hatchet playing The Allmans. This was requested, it's no longer for sale, here you have it. Hot Sauce!


Luc said...

They did too "Bound To Shine" in 2001.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Skydog - I live in Chicago and couldn't find this one.

jukin said...

Thank you so much! I have 'Bound To Shine' which I love and I never knew they had released an earlier album. I love this band and really wish they had gotten the success they truly deserved.

Dawn said...

Hello Y'all, I manage Eat A Peach and they are still alive and kick'n ass. You can check they out on their cds, Turbulence & Thunder and Bound to Shine are available on iTunes, and

Rock'n Regards,
Eat A Peach

Skydogg said...

Hi Dawn. Good to hear they're still alive and well. If you like me to remove this post, which I think you do, then I will. Do you have something instead of official releases as substitute? That way I can keep a post on these guys. Thanks.

Gale said...

Hi, Skydogg. At this time, there are no physical CDs available. However, Eat A Peach songs are now available for digitial download at iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon. We will keep you posted if physical CDs become available again. Eat A Peach still is a southern rock band. We don't feel it's necessary to remove the post. Thanks!

Rockin' Regards,
Eat A Peach